4th of July and Steph's Fiesta posted

Thursday my parents stopped by on their way to take bre'anna to texas. We hung out a bit, took the pocket bike for a spin, etc. Then friday we drove to cedar rapids, stayed with karis parents, and then finished the trip to Steph's graduation party Saturday.

The Froelichs always put on a good party, this time they had a Mexican theme with a margarita machine, a mariachi band, a pinata, lots of great Mexican food (including mexican sushi rolls, heh). It was nice to see some people from college also. At one point I noticed an M parked in front of their house, so I had to show off my bike. We also rode around a bit, Elizabeth fell, Lindsey was sexy, and we couldn't talk Dr. Bob into getting on (but Steph did). I really like visiting the Froelichs, we always have a good time. Plus I usually get to try the new Pittsburg beers.

Sunday on our way home we stopped by Kari's parents house again to eat a bit and play with our bikes, haha. Jeff riding the pocket bike ruled. Later, we met Nick and Nicole for some crappy Prairie Meadows fireworks.

Yesterday we had a bunch of people out for the 4th of July. It was pretty fun, of course we rode the pocket bike, skated, grilled, ate lots, hung out, shot off a few firecrackers, etc. The bike broke down for the first time while Zach was riding it. Luckily it was an easy fix so we could keep riding. This bike has been one of my best purchases. Later we watched fireworks, and now I have a house to clean. Stupid parties always being at my house.

So yeah, a great 4th of July weekend. No VOX party, but still.... Here are more pics.


  • thats a lot of meat on that grill.

    zach posted

  • Lindsey looks a lot better on that bike than I did.

    r00 posted