A Shot to the Head posted

When I was 16 years old, my parents decided that it was time to build a new house. The only problem was, our house sold quicker than the new one got built. So we had to find a rental house for a month or so. Anyway, this rental house was on a farm so it had barns and everything.

One day I decided I'd go out to the barn with my pellet gun and do some target practice with all the pigeons. I sat in the dark barn (it had no electricity) trying to shoot the birds on the ceiling. I must've been in there for an hour trying to pick off birds and didn't hit one. I was basically shooting blind - relying more on sound than sight. It sucked.

Getting pretty mad and frustrated, I decided to go back to the house, probably to play nintendo or something. On my way to the house I spotted a bunny out of the corner of my eye. Without even thinking, I pulled the Sheridan pellet gun and shot as quickly as I could. I blasted that bunny in mid hop. And I got it straight through the eyes - in the right and out the left - right through his head. It didn't even get to finish it's hop it landed right on its side.

That was the best shot of my life.

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  • Awww...poor little bunny. =( How were we raised by the same parents? I bring bunnies home, and you send them home. haha. =)

    Bre'anna posted

  • ok dude,my daddy would have made me pick the dead bunny up and eat all that meat up because it's a waste of a living creature that has all that good meat.

    hottsoaper posted

  • dude... that's sick. I didn't know those were so powerful. Was this an airsoft gun?

    Dave posted

  • it's an old sheridan pump pellet gun.

    derek posted

  • Damn you know what i remember my dad when he shot three birds standing next to each other it was hilarious they all fell simotaniously!

    Shelby posted

  • Damn, u didnt feel bad for it at all?

    AnthoFlex posted

  • ahahaha worked

    josh posted