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Man, this weekend was super nice. Finally I got to put a couple of my best Christmas gifts to good use - the compound miter saw from Jeff, and a couple hundred in Menards gift cards from my parents. Rico came over Thursday night we cut up the wall, wired in a switch, and did some planning. Then Friday we turned my garage into a shop and built the first section. Saturday the 2nd section, and Sunday we had everything boxed in. Now I just need to get some more cash so I can trim it all out, build cupboard doors, spray everything, and fill it with books. I'm super excited to get it done.

As you can see we wired it with lights and sound. The lights are dimmable to get a nice ambient lighting in the loft... and there are speaker terminals on the sides of the top shelves. I positioned the speakers this way because the sound will go forward through the loft and bounce off the vaulted ceiling in the great room to reflect sound throughout the top floors very easily. It's PERFECT for parties. And to make it even more perfect for parties... The speakers feed into one of the cupboards which I will fill with some nice stereo components. From there I ran an RCA cable underneath the baseboard to my computer. This will allow me to play music through the stereo via iTunes AND be able to control it from anywhere on the top 2 floors via VNC from a laptop or through my cell phone. RULE.
* broox humps the air violently

So yeah, speaking of parties, St Patrick's Day at my house. We're having a mustache party, it's going to be awesome. A lot of people are in already, Doug and Nehru are even talking about shaving theirs down just to keep it fair, haha. Everyone is invited. The basic idea is: you have just over a month to grow the best (or worst) mustache. Then we will have a party... you should definitely join in, it will be hilarious. Girls should get fake ones, or draw mustaches, or grow real ones if you can.

The next day we're thinking about having a Gillette Fusion party where we all shave. Anyone have some nice double sinked, vanity bathrooms that we can shave in?
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  • If I start now I might have enough to take the "14 and under" crown for facial hair.

    Ricky posted

  • haha, i think there will be a fair amount of competition in that division.

    derek posted

  • That looks really awesome! good job

    Tara posted