Columbian Hos and Family posted

Last weekend was quite fun and completely random. This week will probably be the same.

It basically started when Kari decided to end her night at 8:30pm Friday, which left me quite bored. So a couple calls later, Cedric, Nathan and I somehow wound up in Ames. I've never partied in Ames before, it's quite different. We met up with Diverse at phuel, then found Nathan's sister and went to Welch Ave Station. After getting ditched by Cara we randomly stopped into this columbian restaurant to have some dos equis with people who didn't speak english. Then after brainstorming our new salon idea, we went to the London Underground. It was a fun night ending with some amazing Gyros.

Saturday was just retarded awesome. The Bad Kids asked me to come out and help them shoot some video for a party they were throwing at Envy. It turns out there was some "ho ho ho" contest where girls just dressed in sexy holiday outfits (one of which my wife has, haha. score). It was quite awesome. Afterwards we dropped into Cedric's party for a minute, however most of my buddies had already left, sad. So I hung out with the stragglin buddies and then crashed at Nathan's.

So now I'm preppin for family. My dad, sister, and Chris come to stay with me tonight and I have to work all week, haha. It should be fun. This Christmas will be quite busy, but I'm excited for it. I'll probably get to see more family this year than I have the past few years. Kari and I will be doing the family tour, DSM, QC, CR, N(e)WT(o)N, DSM, haha. Stupid divorce. Ah well, it'll be nice to see everyone.

Check out this awesomeness: "i used you and your buddy broox in an example i gave some people at a high level meeting at the state department of cultural affairs. they want input on a grant they received to promote arts based training in the workplace and other arts improvement in the workplace. told them about the white board art at pioneer. hilarious.
keep up the fine work. ciao, ciao. Amedeo"

I think Amedeo is a cool guy. He owns some cool bars anyway. I should probably meet and talk to him someday, haha.

Weekend Pics, ROAR!
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