Hip Hop, Punk, Arnold, and a Party posted

This week was a pretty good one. Monday I went to the Brother Ali/Swollen Members/Gaiden show at Vaudeville Mews. It was awesome. Swollen Members are really hype and Brother Ali is really good.

Wednesday, Kari and I went to a Cornell alumni thing at Mondo's in Des Moines. It was pretty nice to see some people and hear some things going on at Cornell. But it's also pretty funny that after all the money we spent on that school we had to pay for our own food and drinks. Then I met Zach @ Val Air for the Reliant K/MXPX show. It was pretty funny. We walked in to the biggest crowd I've seen at Val Air so far - 95% of which were H.S. kids. The number of zits in that crowd was INSANE. Plus there were soooooo many girls. It was like N'Sync or something - stupid Reliant K, going all girly. So anyway, Zach and I started to push our way through the crowd to get up front. Girls would say stuff like, "hey! you took my spot!" Then we saw other girls trying to push through the crowd like, "excuse me!"

So yeah we got up front, Reliant K was decent, a little softer than I like, but whatever it was a fun show. Then MXPX went on and a good number of the kids had no idea who they were, wtf. However, the kids that did went nuts. The crowd was pretty crazy - I could never get a good shot of MXPX due to being pushed around so much. Zach tried to start a mosh pit, he was throwing kids all of the place with this big cheesy grin on his face. They were scared or something and wouldn't mosh. It was hilarious. Later they covered a clash song and told everyone to sing along but none of the kids knew the words, which was sad.

Then Saturday I went paintballing with Chuck, Nathan, and a bunch of their buddies. It was a good time, I got shot in the mouth twice, and so did Nathan, haha. I hope everyone starts buying guns so we could go more. Later, Steph and Lindsey came over and we decided to have a little party with an Island theme. It was more low key than normal, but it was definitely a good time. We adopted Steph's dog, Arnold. He's a good little dog, just needs a little more training, etc. Ninja gets confused by little dogs. So yeah the night was fun, which the photos will illustrate better.

After everyone left on Sunday I was all ready to take a nap then Wingert calls - dude I'm coming to Des Moines, come play. Scratch the nap, we went to Jordan Creek for the day, then I came home too tired to work on my car so I put the wheel back on, watched a movie and went to bed.

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  • MxPx is by far he best.

    Marc posted

  • did you take a poop? it's good to be regular.

    G posted

  • another one today. They just keep coming!

    Greg posted

  • swollen members, huh? That would have been cool, how was it?

    ben posted

  • they were really good. i'd definitely see them again.

    derek posted

  • did you check out FF4? It's not all that good. So, my advice, is not to.

    ben posted

  • another! man, this is awesome!

    G posted