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omg. I'm so busy, it's retarded. Like, it is seriously bringing me down like mad... and now that all my friends are moving here/visiting, it makes it even harder. For the next 3 weeks I'm not hanging out with anyone, haha. So don't ask! (except when I go to Mt Vernon and Chicago)

So besides that, this weekend ruled. Thursday I went to a show at Vaudeville. Luke (aeon Grey) rapped, Soulcrate was awesome, and RSK was not good... well at least their DJ wasn't.

Josh was in town this weekend, so Friday we all met a Champps for a couple drinks, then Nathan, Chuck, Josh, and I ran around Ankeny, saw some band that was good at Roadhouse. We got stopped by cops cause josh tried to wiggle a sign out while we were running past it, haha. They tackled Josh, called for backup and we had to wait on the curb for like 45 minutes while they made sure we didn't have any warrants. Pretty hilarious.

Saturday we had a party at my house. Mostly a Slim Kevi diet kickoff party but it was also a Josh is in town party. It was really mellow, almost too mellow. We played cards, hung out, ate, played video games, Ninja ate beer, josh smuggled peaches, then Josh and I snuck out and ran to Stix real quick.

So Sunday was Nicole's birthday party at the cAb. It was also pretty mellow. The cAb isn't open Sunday's but they opened it up for Nicole's party. So we had the whole place to ourselves... except for this one weird couple that walked in and made out all night. Kevi brought his PS2, which was fun. Nicole maybe had a bit too much to drink. The bartender, Michael, was not that awesome. He doesn't fit the cAb atmosphere at all, plus he was 15 minutes late and didnt have a key to unlock the place. He also asked Nehru if he had ever tried an amberbock, haha. Then he told me he made a pretty awesome manhatten... which was not that awesome at all. And he called everyone baby. Whatever though, he worked on a Sunday for us. And it was free, minus drink costs.

Last night Zach came into town, we grilled, went to iPod monday, and today he's finding an apartment. Big things happening. Now I've gotta fix my POS car, build a shed, and completely redo 2 POS computers (including my own), plus 3 projects at work. I need to get this stuff done. I need leisure. LOTS OF LEISURE. Pictures of the weekend coming next year.


  • It was nice knowing you. Call me when you're free again... I'll email you if my phone number changes, or I move.

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  • Just a little extra about this crazy weekend. I have no idea what we ate sometimes, where we were at sometimes but I do know that when it was four of us together we were drunk full-time. While sitting there waiting for Ankeny's finest to let us go, (the lady cop was pretty hot I think, dark outside and I was drunk so who knows.) there was a call over the radio of a shooting downtown. We in our infinite wisdom started asking why they didn't go to the shooting and let us go. People were getting shot and all we did was be smart and walk home from the bar. He asked us "Do you guys have any warrants out for your arrest?" To which a not completely sober Josh replied "I don't think so..." trailing off and slurring his speech. After this fiasco we weren't 30 feet from the cops and all of us pulled our tough guy routine and started cocking off the cops. We are smart. The first person to start it was Derek with a "Tomorrow, we're going back for that sign!" All in all a great weekend and it also makes me want to never want another drink in my entire life.

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