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Man, what a weekend. Friday, the Coffins had a couples shower for Kari and I - a "stock your bar" party. Everything was a ton of fun. We had martinis, hung out, boxed, played a game, etc. Thanks to everyone that was there, especially the Coffins. Afterwards a few of us went out to Stix to play some pool and goof around. Great night. Kari's dad even walked home on chutes and ladders, haha.

Saturday we woke up, hung my new fan, did some landscaping, and then Jeff and I made beer (which should be ready about the day of my bachelor party, heh).

Sunday, we hung out at my cousins and ate frog legs. Then later we grilled and hung out with more friends at Jake's. And lastly, yesterday we hung out and boated at Saylorville lake all day.

Yeah this weekend pretty much ruled. more pics.
Oh yeah, and Ninja's doggles came in.
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  • Those pictures make me more pissed I missed out on the party! Looks like a good time was had by all.

    So does Ninja try to eat the doggles or what? I'm still amazed there are dogs that don't go insane when you put them on.

    mh posted

  • yeah it was a good time.

    dogs really cant get doggles off their faces too easily. if ninja is left alone with them on, he obviously tries to take them off... but if he's preoccupied, he will walk around with them on just fine.

    derek posted

  • hahah...Bacardi totally needs doggles too. That would be a funny picture! The party was awesome, however, I am disappointed I missed everything else. I am looking forward to tasting that beer though. [homer voice]mmmmmm....beeeeer[/homer voice]

    r00 posted

  • why would rum need doggles?

    harper rules posted