Minneapolis Birthdays posted

Welp, as most of you know, Nathan, Chuck, and I went up to Minneapolis this weekend, which started out as a birthday bash for Josh, but ended up being a celebration of all our birthdays. Mine's in August... Nathan's is in June, and Chuck's is in November, haha.

On the way, we ended up making a last minute pitstop into Clear Lake to pick up Monica and drop her off at her BF's place just outside of the cities.

We got to our hotel around 9ish, which was in a pretty rough part of downtown - greyhound station, dudes getting handcuffed, etc. Actually we saw people getting cuffed on 3 separate occasions right in front of our building, haha.

So, we quickly threw our stuff in the room and walked straight to Gluek's bar. As soon as we stepped in, the song "boys are back in town" started blaring, haha - a perfect start to a crazy weekend... so we each ordered 34oz beers. After we finished our beer we went down to Drink where we got in for free cause Nathan told the door guy we were from Drink, Des Moines, haha. We saw a few girls, tried dancing for a second, and then busted out to Brother's. This is where the dancing really started, and is also where Chuck hunted for brides.

Once we got tired of Brother's, we went over to the Loon for some Shirts/Skins Golden Tee. It was a big hit, and quite awesome. Then we time warped down to Old Chicago where we saw some people get punched in faces and had some beer sampling contests between some hefeweizens, wheats, and white ales.

Finally, we came home to talk to some metal bands, order pizza, and ultimately pass out for the night.

Saturday we found out that Nathan apparently forgot to pack clothes so we went to MOA - where we walked the entire mall in search of a print hat for me... because print is hot. MOA seriously has 5 separate lids stores in it and we went to each one... but I didn't find my hat. Sad.

Afterwards we hot tubbed for a bit, then went back out for a Bockfest reunion at Chatterbox, which is this bar with couches, ataris, NES, etc. Cool place. Then we rode 6 people in a Mazda 6 back to our hotel where we once again walked for the night.

Our first stop was a little Irish place called O'Donovan's that had live irish music playing. It was pretty rad. Then we went to Gluek's again where things totally changed from the night before. Friday had a live band, Saturday had a DJ on decks playing straight dance music. This really kicked off the insane dancing for the night. From here on out, all we would do is dance.

Once Gluek's got stale, we ran back to the Loon where Nathan, Josh, and I took turns dancing with this super rad chick. She was so rad in fact that she gave me one of the best compliments I've ever gotten, "You're too cute to be straight." Haha, w00t! After dancing for a bit we went up to Old Chicago for a sec, and then through our time warp where we obtained some hats. We then paraded around the street in our hats, punted newspapers, hung out, and were generally awesome.

Finally we decided to walk home. However, on the way, we found another bar that was still open for some reason... and it was playing club music - so we ran in for some last minute, tin-man, dancing insanity.

We then slept 6 people in 2 beds, for 5 hours, and all came home. Once home, Ben showed up at my house and we kegged some homebrew. Now - I am tired.
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  • OK, so that was pretty much the best damn birthday party I've ever had in my life...as opposed to my birthday party when I'm dead. Last stop on our Three City Tour of Champions-Orlando.

    Nathan posted

  • ha ha, edit to your post*

    Once home, Ben showed up at my house and watched me for hours as I kegged some homebrew and got it all over the place.

    ben posted