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I was just walking through the hall and someone asked how my nye was, which reminded me to blog.

So in a nutshell, New Years was pretty blah this year. There was no plan, no party, and no going out really. It was quite different from my last couple NYEs spent in Chicago.

The weekend was good though. Friday, Cedric, came over to watch B13, this awesome french action parkour movie. It was pretty awesome. Then Nathan stopped up and led us in debauchery.

Saturday, Kari's parents came over to help pickup and setup furniture for our guest bedroom (another amazing Christmas Present from Santa). We got the furniture from Sears of all places... and it's the most solid "assembly required" furniture that I've ever had. Everything is real wood - no particle board or anything. I really love it and didn't quite expect this kind of quality from Sears. So we spent the day assembling and setting up the room, it was nice. Our house is beginning to look pretty good and furnished, which I'm excited about because the making of Cribs 2 is getting closer, yessssss.

Sunday, the last day of 2006 was setup to be pretty exciting. The plan was to have a mini pre-party at our house, then basically party hop around Des Moines. The pre-party ended up lasting quite a while, and since I volunteered to be DD for the night I was getting pretty antsy to run around. So we went downtown, all got tired of the crowdedness, and left. It basically ended up with Zach and Amy hanging out at our house til 2 or 3am. Quite a mellow night for an event that isn't supposed to be, sad.

2006 was pretty good, I think 2007 will be better. We have lots of traveling planned. Plus I am punching debt in the face as hard as I can. I think I'm going to kill it this year. It will be murder by death by punches! Necesito mas cash flow.
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  • oh yeah, and this is the first year ever that i didn't hear anyone talk about new years resolutions. no one asked me about mine, and no one told me about theirs. awesome. i think new years resolutions are retarded.

    derek posted

  • dude, don't worry...i will have debt wrapped up by the legs this year, and i will beat the living shit out of it also

    nick posted

  • we make a great fight team.

    derek posted

  • Tell me what that feels like...i have a while so I'll still be holding it close to my body and making out.

    Jordan posted