Found this photo from college, ha

Found this photo from college, ha

Found this photo from college, ha (full size)


in Ankeny, Iowa

This photo is part of the BrooxMobile album and was taken in Ankeny, Iowa with an Apple iPhone 6s.

It's also on Flickr and Facebook.

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  • Special for sure. Hang on to the pictures for the days when the memories fade -- and oh yes, they will.

    Dave Boyd posted

  • So thug

    Leo Ziebol posted

  • Aww! This makes me think of going boating when you guys were dating.

    Bre'anna Brooks Emmitt posted

  • Babies!

    Tara Alcazar Marshall posted

  • Awww, I remember then! <3

    Terri Schumacher posted

  • Why does she get better looking and you.......... Never mind. Your Friend Dr. Bob

    Bob Froehlich posted

  • This is a gem!!!

    Lexie LeLe Leeper posted

  • Awe. 😍 Baby crush. I've got serious love for you.

    Kari Reynolds Brooks posted

  • Great picture! Remember those days. You have the same beeming love back then as you have today! Love you both! Dad

    Craig Brooks posted

  • Aww I love it😘

    Rhonda Schmidt posted

  • Ahhh.. cute.

    Laura Bullis posted

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