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Back in college, I became sponsored by Soap Shoes which hilariously got me and my friends featured in YM Magazine. This clip is from an interview I did with a big radio station in the Quad Cities after it was published.

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TUESDAY ON ALL HIT 98-9'S MALIBU MARK MANUEL IN THE MORNING...One of the Quad City's very own is featured in the April edition of YM Magazine and we'll talk to him live...We'll dish out the dirt with Celebrity Poop at 7:20am...AND... Make sure to get those birthdays in on the Hit Lines at (563)355-9890 OR by email at

DEREK BROOKS INTERVIEW: One of the Quad City's very own is featured in the April 2002 edition of YM Magazine. Malibu talked to him LIVE on Tuesday (3/12/02). Why was Derek in YM?

Interview Transcript
Mark: This is Malibu Mark Manuel in the morning and I got this email a couple weeks ago, Liz.
Liz: Mmhmm.
Mark: from uh, Derek Brooks. It says, "Hey I'm uh, from the Quad Cities, go to college, and I'm in YM magazine.
Liz: Crazy
Mark: I'm thinking, yeah, whatever! So I email him back, we've been talking back and forth. I've got him on the hit lines right now.
Liz: Okay
Mark: So Derek, you're in YM magazine this month.
Derek: That is correct.
Mark: The April issue. Now what's the deal? You have this website - and - give us the whole story.
Derek: Alright, umm. Basically I started a Soap Shoes website my freshman year in college, and ya know. It got really big and it just kept getting bigger and bigger and eventually turned into an extreme sports website. A bunch of people found it, some news papers found it. Umm, the BBC actually found it.
Mark: Wow
Derek: Yeah, they interviewed me and I was played over there. And then, YM got ahold of me. They just started emailing me n stuff, and they came out here. They were like, well, if we come out there would you guys be interested in being in our magazine? And I'm like-
Mark: You're like, "Hell yeah!"
Derek: Yeah! yeah, you know. whatever.
Mark: Sure!
Derek: And they're like, even if it's like a teenage magazine?
Mark: Damn straight! Now you're actually from here, locally right?
Derek: Yeah, I'm from Port Byron, Illinois.
Mark: And you're buddies from where?
Derek: Um, I have... they're from all over the place. But I've got a buddy who's in the magazine who's from Cordova also.
Mark: Oh, cool.
Liz: Cool!
Derek: and some from Monmouth, Galesburg-
Mark: So you've gotta explain. Exactly, what are these Soap Shoes?
Liz: Yeah, I'm picturing a bad shower accident or something.
Derek: heh
Liz: and I know that's not right!
Mark: What exactly are Soap Shoes?
Derek: Um, they're shoes that were invented in 1997 by Chris Morris.
Mark: Uh huh.
Derek: Basically what they are - they're regular shoes. You can't really tell the difference, but they sorta look like skate type shoes. And they have a plastic arch in the sole.
Mark: OK
Derek: And so, you know, it's slippery, you can jump up on a handrail or a bench and slide across it.
Mark: You can actually check out - he has some videos on his website.
Liz: Uh huh
Mark: That you can watch them - and where are those videos shot at? Is that in Iowa City or where is that at?
Derek: Um, some of them are Iowa City, some are around the Quad Cities, they're all over the place.
Mark: So picture someone running along, jumping up on a handrail and then gliding across the handrail...
Derek: heh heh.
Mark: and of course you can do like acrobatics and stuff off of them too, right?
Liz: Cool!
Mark: So why did they come up with this Soap Shoe thing?
Derek: He just thought, what if- Well, one of the problems with skateboarding or skating is, you can't- you know, you won't have your skates or your skateboard with you everywhere.
Mark: Right.
Derek: Like if you walk through the mall with your skateboard you're gonna get kicked out right away.
Liz: Uh huh.
Mark: ok, I got ya!
Derek: If you walk in with your shoes, no one's gonna know. You jump up, slide down a handrail or the little ledges in Southpark or Northpark.
Liz: Nice
Mark: It was pretty fun to watch these videos. Now was it you that umm, took it right there where it counts in one of the videos?
Derek: Yep, that was me
Mark: hahaha.
Liz: How ya doin?
Mark: Yea, how are your friends down below?
Derek: Uh, they're, they're doing better!
Mark: hahaha, He's gliding along and all of a sudden- you ever see like when you're watching umm, like gymnastics in the olympics and one of them falls and they land right on their crotch?
Liz: Oh gawd.
Mark: Ok, he did this handrail and of course he just doubled over in pain. That was my favorite video! and I wouldn't mind putting a link to that video on my website cause it's really funny.
Liz: That's really sweet
Derek: I was actually laying there for a good 5, 10 minutes
Mark: And he is, he's just like "AHHHH" and I can just picturing him screaming out in agony. But uh... so what were the people at YM like?
Derek: They were really cool actually. A girl named Sarah Lyle is one of their writers.
Mark: Uh huh.
Derek: And she flew out and met us at the Holiday Inn over by Southpark.
Liz: Wow!
Mark: So did she try out the Soap Shoes herself?
Derek: No! you know, she didn't.
Mark: You should have made her try em out.
Liz: How about you try em out?
Mark: I would!
Liz: Really?!
Mark: I'd love to try em out. Now I'm a pretty big guy, does it matter how big you are whether or not these things work?
Derek: No, no not at all.
Mark: And what is it that makes them glide along so well? Is there actually soap in them? or what's the?
Derek: No, they got the name soap because soap is slippery and the shoes slide, you know. But-
Mark: Right. But what is that? I noticed, I'm watching these guys. They'll even be on, uh. Oh let's say you have that umm, like that border, like that brick border like, around... somethin?
Liz: Yea
Mark: They'll even glide along that.
Liz: Wow
Mark: What makes em slide so easy?
Derek: Mainly it's just the plastic and with your momentum the plastic will pretty much just slide across anything. But if it doesn't slide very well, you'll wax it up like you will with skateboarders or-
Mark: or skies or something like that. Wow that is pretty cool. And actually, Derek emailed me about a week or 2 ago and just said, "Hey if you're interested in talking to us, we're gonna be in YM magazine" and I'm thinking, "Yea these guys are in YM, my ass." So I check and sure enough, there they are!
Liz: That's funny.
Mark: And I think that's really cool, you guys got into YM magazine!
Derek: Yup.
Liz: Cool.
Mark: That is super, and uh, you're in college where at?
Derek: Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa.
Mark: And do you use these Soap shoes to get to class faster?
Derek: heh heh
Mark: Cause I remember the big problem at Iowa State is that some of those classes are like 10 blocks away.
Liz: Oh yeah, and you have 10 minutes to get there.
Mark: I'm thinkin, if I had Soap Shoes, I could just got a running start and just glided like this. to my class.
Liz: Oh gawd.
Mark: Wow! Well hey, best o luck to ya man. and let's put his website up on our website. So Brooks
Liz: OK, Brooks. With an X
Mark: So We'll put a link up on our website in the laugh out lounge.
Liz: You can check out Derek getting injured.
Mark: Right where it counts! Hang on, more hit music comin right up.

By Malibu Mark Manuel of All Hit 98.9
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