RIP Miller Bracelet posted

In 2005, I drove to my buddy, Zach's college town to help celebrate his birthday. As soon as I got into town, another one of our buddies (Aaron, aka Turbo) was passing through, so we decided to meet up and grab a drink at a local bar. It was a typical college town bar, complete with deals on Miller Lite, and sponsored Miller girls walking around, handing out terrible college Miller Lite swag. For some reason, when the girls came up to me, they decided I looked like the kind of dude who could really use an Official Miller "Drinking Glove" ... like, wtf even is a drinking glove?? I dunno. But I had an Official one.

So then, they turned to my buddies, Aaron and Zach and gave them these dope black rubber bracelets. This was at a time when the only rubber bracelets anyone (well, practically everyone) was wearing were the bright yellow Lance Armstrong LIVESTRONG bracelets... so needless to say, even though these bracelets said, "Miller. Good call." on them, it was still awesome, because it was black... and more metal.

I wanted that black rubber bracelet.

...and surprisingly, Turbo wanted that drinking glove.

So we traded, I flipped that badass black rubber bracelet inside out (to hide the Miller logo), and wore that thing up until this past Tuesday when it finally snapped off.

That's just shy of 12 years... a third of my life, haha. I wore that bracelet longer than I've pretty much done anything.

That bracelet went to my wedding (and probably a lot of yours), a good chunk of the country, and several other countries. It helped balance my arm while swingin the golf club, driving, and especially while slammin dewskis.

Aside from switching arms a couple times, I never took that thing off.

And after 12 years... I feel a little naked without that damned black Miller bracelet.

So, Rest in peace, Black Miller Bracelet

P.S. Thanks for the trade, Aaron

P.P.S. It snapped off while getting ready for a massage

P.P.P.S. lol

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