Snow and a Long Weekend at Home posted

Whoa buckets, this weekend ruled. I stayed home and really had a lot of fun with wifey.

It basically started Thursday afternoon when my internet died. Nick and I had just launched some new features at our alive sites (mainly user accounts and a mobile site); I'm pretty excited about it. Now we're starting a semi-secret project with a couple other dudes in Des Moines. I think they're gonna get rich... Hopefully they bring us with, haha.

So yeah, Thursday and Friday it Blizzard...ed, which caused Pioneer to give us a snow day on Friday. I think it's the first full snow day we've gotten since I started here. I spent most of it at home working on projects. I was finally able to start laying hardwood floor in the basement! After about 12 inches of progress I quit so Kari and I could go 4 wheel driving around Ankeny. We had pizza at Bill's, got free beer, hung out with Bill, visited Zach, etc.

Saturday was more of the same stuff... I worked on things, played in the snow, then we went out. It was definitely a good night. We met family at Star Bar to celebrate Anthony's birthday then hit up 4th St for Luke's show, and finally we stopped by Mindy's open house. She got this new office space in East Village that is like 2200 square feet. It's quite amazing. I wish I was on my own so I could rent space from her.

And yesterday we went up to Boone for some snowboarding. In those 40 miles, we counted 78 cars in the ditch (after some had obviously been towed already). But anyway, since we just got slammed with a blizzard, it was like Colorado snow in Iowa. I've never skied/snowboarded on snow like that in the midwest - tons of fun. Kari's getting much better too. I love having a Snowboarder gf wife.

So yeah, after snowboarding, we headed home for our broomball game. We were way way shorthanded and had a tie going pretty much the whole game. Then at the last second (literally) Fred scored for our 3-2 win. Like, he hit the ball and it hit the back of the net at the same time the buzzer sounded. Best game ever.

And today Hillary Clinton is wandering around Central Iowa. I just saw her at Pioneer this morning, ha. wtf. Maybe I should vote for her now. That's how voting works, right?
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