St Patrick's Mustache Party posted

Oh man, the mustache party was really fun... really ridiculous, but definitely fun.

We had 35-40 people over and 3 - 5gallon kegs of Rock Bottom beer, which didn't quite get finished, but we got close.

There's not really a lot to tell, but you can see most of the story through the photos.

As for the winners...
Longest Stache: Minnis
Best Stache: Chuck
Worst Stache: Nick
Most Creative: Nehru

The thing that sucked was that I woke up Saturday morning with strep throat. Fever over 103, etc. Way to ruin a good weekend! I was so mad I couldn't hang out with my buddies from outta town Saturday night. Stupid, stupid sick.
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  • The thing that sucked was, I woke up only to remember my camera got worked over.

    dick4d posted

  • simply stunning. rich was on the phone in over half those pics.

    rankin posted

  • I was busy making Mac n' Chicken arrangements at Rock Bottom.

    dick4d posted

  • The night was fantastic until Richie's camera burst into flames and I had to put it out!!

    Jeff posted

  • i look like "that one drunk girl in the corner, that no one knew" in all of those....yikes....

    jamie lou posted

  • everybody just needs to COOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL OUT!

    Mr. Mitchell Todd Pilon posted

  • That party was a blast. The bad thing was I was so worthless on Saturday, plus people looked at me funny.

    r00 posted

  • I am so glad to hear that Dick has shaved his mustache. In the first picture with his shades he looks like officer Dangle from Reno 911.

    DicksDad posted