Oh hey, I redid my web site.

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  • I am very disappointed that the skateboard used is not the awesome neon yellow skateboard your wife gifted you during the campaign.

    marihuertas posted

  • Congrats! Looks awesome.

    jdkunesh posted

  • I like the white space and clean look, very nice

    NicoleK posted

  • I had a hard time making that yellow skateboard match the site... though I did make a header image out of it just in case. :)

    broox posted

  • YAY.

    marihuertas posted

  • nicely responsive

    littlelazer posted

  • Did you write the Flickr/Twitter/etc. aggregation stuff yourself or is that out there somewhere?

    iandees posted

  • I wrote it all.

    broox posted

  • Awesome. Works very well.

    iandees posted

  • ur site looks good man

    nicmoore4325 posted

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