Steph, Lindsey, Hockey, Skating, and Broomball posted

Holy Freaking Weekend. Steph finally came to visit, which was awesome. We haven't seen her in over a year, wtf. Lindsey also stopped out for a minute or two, which was good while it lasted.

So, Friday was "girls night" or whatever. Which basically meant, the girls went to dinner while Nick and I got pizza. Afterwards it was just a few dudes outnumbered by girls for the rest of the night, yesssssss.

Saturday, we got lunch at a brewery, then drank beer at a non-brewery, haha. Later, we went to the Stars/Rivermen game. It was Shooter's birthday (the mascot). So in between one of the periods they had a broomball game with a bunch of mascots. It was pretty hilarious. Other than that though, great great game. I'd like to go to another game where we play Peoria. We lost 4-5. The Stars are really starting to get a good fan base.

Finally, I had dinner at Centro with a bunch of girls before calling it a night.

Then, Today. Today was probably one of the most physically involved days I've had in years, haha. Desk jobs are retarded.

I woke up and immediately shoveled 6 inches of wet snow when Zach IM'd me saying, "snowskate!" I agreed. So we snowskated for a couple hours, which turned out to be one of our best sessions.

Then, we proceeded to win our first broomball game! w00t! 3-1. I scored 2 goals in a matter of 3 minutes by flipping the ball right into the top shelf. Eat that, Reid Forgrave! You still owe me a beer, haha. So yeah, now we're 1 and 2... and we have matching shirts.


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