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The 30 Year Old DJ

I'm 30 years old, love music, and am about to become the sickest DJ my bedroom has ever seen. But first, let me give you a a bit of a backstory... In the late 90s (high school, for me) I found house music. I had mostly been listening to terrible metal and rap at the timeā€¦ but once I heard those crazy electro sounds, I started to become super interested. I even started going to some under-18 dance clubs in the Quad Cities... read more

Cornell and a Wedding

Man, my weeks are getting so busy that it takes til thursday to blog about the past weekend, ha. Or maybe it's because I actually work at Red 5 and can't blog at work like I used to. Either way, it's a good thing. But I do sorta feel bad for not journaling as well. So anyway, as you may have gathered from photos or tweets, Kari and I visited Mt Vernon last Friday for Cornell Homecoming... read more
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Cornell student avoids same old 'grind'

19-year-old man uses Soap Shoes to glide around the Mount Vernon campus Cornell College student Derek Brooks of Port Byron, IL,"soaps" along a railing on campus. Special athletic shoes witha plastic insert underneath allow him to glide along the surface. Special to The Gazette MOUNT VERNON - Around the Cornell College campus, Derek Brooks is known as the "soap guy," but not because he's a clean freak Instead, when this computer science major is walking to class, chances are he's soaping along the way. Brooks wears Soap Shoes which look like regular running shoes until you flip them over. In the middle of the sole is a plastic insert that allows Brooks to "grind" or slide along a handrail, bench or ledge, like in-line skaters or skateboarders might do... read more
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Cornellian Combines hobby, Web savvy ... and attracts BBC

Cornell College sophomore Derek Brooks has created an unusual but popular website based on his favorite hobby: soaping (an activity that loosely resembles inline skating without the skates). The site is so popular that it even drew the attention of the BBC recently. Brooks, who has created several websites, learned all about designing websites in a first-year student course at Cornell College called "Computing Practice and Perspective". Taught by Professor Tony deLaubenfels, the course emphasizes student creativity and fun. "We needed a topic, and so I just used soaping for my topic since I wanted to do something that I was into... read more
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