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My first attempt at using Des Moines Public Transit

It's no secret that I fell in love with public transit while I spent those 15 months in Chicago. So last night, when Iowa Senator Janet Petersen scheduled a meeting with me in downtown Des Moines, I decided to leave my truck in the garage and finally try out our public transit system. Here's how it went. Step 1, get directions I looked up transit directions to my meeting via google maps (like ya do) and was instantly shut down. "Public transit coverage may not be available in this area." Step 1, get directions (take 2) I visited hoping for a place to put in some addresses or plan a route map, but I couldn't find one... read more
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My 2009 80/35 Music Fest Thoughts

I meant to blog about this year's 80/35 festival a lot sooner but never got around to it. For those that don't know - Des Moines started a music festival last year called 80/35. It showcases both big names and local groups in an effort to listen to awesome music, party, and promote music culture in the Des Moines area. Last year I was super impressed with the festival - We had the Flaming Lips, The Roots, and an amazing effort put on by the organizers. I don't want to discount the organizers this year, because it is obvious that they worked crazy hard again... read more