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  • House - The northern lights from my kitchen
  • House - Garage takeover day
  • House - Outdoor furniture cleanup day… we maybe went a little overboard on the outdoor furniture during...
  • House - Winter home
  • House - Frigid out here. Cozy in there.
  • House - 2.5 hours of shoveling. Still coming down.

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How I do home automation

After 20 years of tinkering with home automation, I thought it'd be fun to blog about how I've come to approach things. First, the background My entry into home automation was tinkering with old school, X10 powerline/RF lamp and outlet modules that were paired with remotes, motion sensors, and a "smart" module that you could program via a PC to begin adding automation. Since then, I've played with tons of brands and ecosystems, but I've primarily used Zigbee, Zwave, wifi/mesh, and PoE devices. I've gone pretty deep with Hue, Lutron, Arlo, Ring, Nest, NuHeat, Sonos, Amazon, Google, Apple, Liftmaster, Bond, and other random generic smart devices. To tie the ecosystems together, I've mostly used SmartThings and HomeAssistant, but have researched and played with many others... read more

Our Master Bathroom Remodel

So, after having every single room in our house anywhere from 25-95% done for several months, I finally decided to buck up and finish a room... The master bathroom/closet... and I'm gonna tell you all about it. Our goals were pretty simple. Make it bigger, more modern, more accommodating, and more "spa like" - a phrase thrown around wayyyyy too often during the entire process... read more