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  • Tech - Radio tucked up into the dash, above the glovebox and wired into upfitter aux switch #6
  • Tech - 3' CAT-6 Extension will be tucked behind the center console panel when not in use. Then I can jus...
  • Tech - Midland Ghost antenna tucked out of the way and hidden inside
  • Tech - Midland Ghost Antenna mounted to the rear Bronco rollbar via the rear speaker mounts
  • Tech - Bout to install the Mountains2Metal concealed radio mount, Midland MXT275 radio, MXTA25 Ghost Ant...
  • Tech - Christmas facetiming with the Reynolds fam

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How I do home automation

After 20 years of tinkering with home automation, I thought it'd be fun to blog about how I've come to approach things. First, the background My entry into home automation was tinkering with old school, X10 powerline/RF lamp and outlet modules that were paired with remotes, motion sensors, and a "smart" module that you could program via a PC to begin adding automation. Since then, I've played with tons of brands and ecosystems, but I've primarily used Zigbee, Zwave, wifi/mesh, and PoE devices. I've gone pretty deep with Hue, Lutron, Arlo, Ring, Nest, NuHeat, Sonos, Amazon, Google, Apple, Liftmaster, Bond, and other random generic smart devices. To tie the ecosystems together, I've mostly used SmartThings and HomeAssistant, but have researched and played with many others... read more

Snow Leads to Geo Detectives of THE FUTURE

And now for a story about Josh and I geolocating a random YouTube video - and how I'm amazed by how easy it was. So, this all starts with a conversation with my dad over the recent snowfall we've been having... He tells me about this Toro Power Shovel thing, which sorta looks like a vacuum sized, cheap snowblower. My dad said that he was super skeptical of this power shovel, but he tried it out and wound up being thoroughly impressed. Soon after, I passed this info onto my buddy, Josh... read more
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