The Bar is Done posted

And we broke it in.

That's right, 6 months later and I finally finished the the basement bar project. There are still a couple accessories to add: lighting, stemware rack, stools, and a shoe rail. But finally the bar's in a completely usable state and I can forget about it for a minute.


The party went pretty well. Actually it was sort of a strange party - very laid back. I invited 80+ friends hoping that 40-50 would show up, and we ended up with 30. Lots of people that I hoped would be there couldn't make it. And lots of people showed up who I totally didn't expect. It was good though. We drank all the beer, smoked cigars, and Kari made sure my birthday was celebrated. Diverse even made us a custom mix to play, heh. Thanks to everyone who came out - I had a great time.

Bar Construction Pics
Bar Party Pics
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  • Hey... I think I left my camera at your place on the ping pong table. Please tell me it's there :)

    Tia posted

  • yep, i got it. someone's watch is at my place too... anyone?

    derek posted

  • if its a Fossil watch its mine.

    zach posted

  • I think I left $20 in your wallet. Could you get that back to me?

    ricky posted