The Broomball Vasectomy Parties posted

I got to hang out with a lot of different people this weekend, which always rules.

Friday we met up Tia and folks at Taki to celebrate her birthday before heading to the Loft to act like idiots. It was a good time and really nice to see those peeps. Pics.

Saturday I finished up the guest bedroom, edited a short vid for the 2030 Society, and then went out for Kari's Colfax Christmas party. It's pretty hilarious to watch teachers party. It really makes me wonder about the teachers I had growing up... So after hanging out for a bit we had a mini after party back at my place where more elementary school teacher debauchery happened.

And Sunday I completely slept through morning, woke up just past noon and realized, "we have our first broomball game today." So I told everyone else on the team that our first game was in like 6 hours... we were sooo not ready. We showed up in sweat pants, sweat shirts, and regular tennis shoes with virtually no gear. The team we played had full out hockey gear, matching jerseys, broomball shoes and all, haha. So needless to say, we got destroyed. 14-0, haha. But it was a really fun time. At least we found out that official broomball shoes are 100% necessary, and pads are a good idea too. My elbow hurts.

Then late last night, around 4am, I woke up to Kari saying, "Derek, I don't feel good. I'm gonna to go downstairs, take my temp, and some medicine." The first thought that crossed my mind was, "Kari better not be prego." I then spent the next 2 hours laying in bed so mad and so worried that Kari was preggers. I couldn't sleep for real. I just sat there thinking of what I'd do and how none of my life goals were met and my life would be over. I was debating pushing Kari down the stairs or driving my car into an oncoming semi on the way to work, haha. It was bad. I think I need to get that vasectomy I've been hankerin for. Scary.
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  • dude, lets just go get kari wasted tonight...that should take care of it

    nick posted

  • Thanks for coming out on Friday. Oh, and thanks for all of the water. With your help I avoided a massive hangover Saturday!

    tia posted

  • life is going to get yea... better watch out...

    harper posted

  • Coat hanger or just punch her in the stomach real two cents.

    But I'm all for kids. As long as it's not a girl.

    ben posted

  • i've read that the technology is available to make sure you have a boy instead of a girl.

    however i think it's illegal/not practiced because there would be way more men than women on the earth, haha.

    derek posted

  • ya, that's something science knows how to do, but is honestly scared of itself in doing that. Could certainly put global warming on the back-burner.

    ben posted

  • Seeing how you did that whole rant about not wanting kids, I can see why you were so freaked.

    SonicSoaper posted

  • read this: test-messageboard.tu...t=7290

    weenie chop posted