The Zachelor posted

So this weekend was Zach's bachelor weekend. Turbo, Rick, and Jake came up, we partied a lot, etc. It was a pretty crazy/good time.

Rick pulled into the driveway Friday and barely said "hi" before he started pulling Coronas, chips, and salsa out of the trunk for Cinco de Mayo, haha. The rest of the night was fairly laid back - hanging out, rock bottom, etc.

Saturday, we woke up, went to look at a Ford GT, and then worked on the pocket bike. We rebuilt the carburetor, tuned it a bit, and now it runs like a champ. After that, a bunch of us paintballed which was a really good time. There was an amish lady playing that had a dress on - I totally shot her, haha.

Later we all met up at my house, grilled, hung out, dropped by Kate's party, etc. And finally a big orange/purple school bus picked us up to take us around town - it was pretty hilarious. The night was definitely awesome: cab, el bait shop, high life lounge, 4th st, and then ending up at aura. The only sad parts were when my CDs disappeared, some of my stuff got broken, and when I became broke. Stupid money, I really hate it - always causing problems. Plus, somehow I ended up drinking whiskey and turned into "tequila zach." I especially hate doing that.

Despite all the partying, the weekend was somehow really productive. We got some electrical stuff fixed in my house, fixed the pocket bike, and I even got some web dev done.

Hopefully everyone had a good time, especially Zatch. Sorry some stuff fell through. Pics soon.


  • thanks for getting everything organized for the weekend and thanks for everyone who came with us. it was a ton of fun.

    zach posted

  • Me hate amish peeps.

    Dave posted

  • The Amshi girl got shot Zach tossed his cookie's and the poket bike got saved what a great weekend... lol

    Turbo posted

  • AH! i just went down to work on some stuff and play 2 of the cds that were stolen. man that is so frustrating. seriously. i hate to keep bringing it up. but gah, it makes me so mad. here's the stack of cd cases from what i packed that night...

    bloodhound gang - hefty fine

    offspring - smash

    him - dark light (that awesome rare special edition one)

    ludacris - word of mouf

    linkin park - reanimation 2 more that zach picked.

    derek posted