Turbo Hates Women, Jordan Hates Late Dinner posted

Last weekend my buddy Turbo had a "He-Man Woman Hater" party. When he first told me about it I was like, "huh... cool name, Aaron." I figured he'd made it up, but it turns out it's a real club from The Little Rascals. The He-Man Woman Haters Club was... wait for it... a club of boys that hated girls. You know the "No girls allowed" sign on the treehouse? Yeah.

So basically, it meant that Turbo was having a dude party. Cigars, beer, grilling large cuts of meat, ya know. But he put an amazing twist on it. His invite said, "Aaron got a new humidor. Help him stock it! Bring a cigar for you and one to share." An amazing, amazing idea. You guys can all do this for my upcoming birthday party. ;)

Anyway... Zach, Ninja, and I headed to Turbo's place last Friday to party. It was the first time I'd ever seen Aaron's house and I must say - it's pretty dope. Total 60s decor with some modern touches added by Rick/Aaron. It had 3 bathrooms, 1 with pink porcelain, 1 with blue porcelain, and 1 with green porcelain. Amazing.

We got into town around 9ish, got dinner 5 hours past Jordan's suppertime (and 1 hour past his bedtime), had a couple beers, and closed down BG's Karaoke Saloon. Yeah, a Karaoke Saloon.

I've been to Karaoke bars, and I've been to Saloons, but this was my first time at a Karaoke Saloon. It even had a stripper pole and 104.9 The Wolf's Big Sexy! Whoever that is? He called me out on the mic though. You'll see from the pics that the place was ridiculous.

After some intense people watching we went home, played video games, hung out, etc. It was great to all be hanging out again.

Saturday was the official party day. We ran around town prepping for the party - buying beer, meat, etc. Then, we partied. Quite a few dudes showed up. We talked cars, grilled, drank beer, smoked cigars, etc. It was a good time for sure. Turbo's got some pretty funny friends, plus it was nice to see Rick and Randall.

So again, once the party wound down, we ran down to B.G.'s. All the same people were there - but in their saturday clothes, haha. I didn't notice this right away, so I said to the first chick I recognized, "hey! you were here last night!" Her response? "Yeah, I'm here every night!" Awesome.

So that's pretty much that. It was great to see those guys again - it'd been too long. Who's having the next party?


  • Cory Todd is a douchebag.

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  • I will always make exceptions for you derek broox (with an X).


    Good to see you this weekend.


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