1963 Nova


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This was my first car - a 1963 Chevy II Nova. I bought it shortly after I turned 15 for only $1,500.

My dad and I spent the next 10 months restoring it - it was a ton of fun, we both learned a lot, and the car looked awesome. Then after driving it for about a year, I got slammed into by a woman, which totaled the car.

We have a couple hours of video shot during our restoration process, but it's very unwatchable... so here is a short edit of the work we did. No fancy editing, just video clips over music.

Warning, this will probably be pretty boring to everyone except my dad and I, but here it is anyway.

This video was shot and contains music by ZZ Top, Outkast.


  • This brings back some absolutely wonderful memories. I am so glad you have them captured in this way. ESPECIALLY THE MULLETT/MUSTACHE COMBO! Hopefully you'll be able to build another 63 with all your parts off the old one.


    Dad posted

  • Craig and Derek, Great video - I didn't boe me a bit! I am turning thirty next month. I bought my first car when I was 16 from tip money I had saved waiting tables at our family resturaunt. I paid $650.oo for my 1966 nova. Unfortunatly it is setting out in the driveway covered up with a tarp half restored. If I I would have had a dad to help when I first bought it Im sure it would be finished now, but I did the best I could for back then. it is all original and even though I have thought about selling it many times your video has inspired me to think a little more about finishing it. Thank you! Josh Church www.thejazzybean.com

    Josh Church posted

  • I am getting ready to by a 63 novall it is primer and it only has one seat

    austin davis posted