Public Juice 3


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Public Juice is an old idea that Kevin and I had back in college. We filmed 2 previews for what was going to be our big movie.

Well needless to say, the movie never got made... so last spring, 2 years later, we decided to make a 3rd preview. We had it 90% edited and for some reason I just forgot about it. So a year later, I finished it up and here it is - the 3rd preview for our upcoming movie, Public Juice.

This video was shot and contains music by Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise.


  • Is it possible for someone to get served by themselves? ;-P

    Amanda posted


    zach posted

  • In the beginning I was simply interested in figuring out what this movie was going to be about - until 26 seconds in and Kevin had you up against a fence full frontal and then I was worried.

    Mira posted

  • Ya... She's right. Some "juice" shouldn't be shared in public.

    Amanda posted

  • interesting. i hope theres some tap involved

    skot posted

  • That video is my new reason for living!!!

    Josh posted

  • I have found new dance moves to imitate when I go to Boom Boom Room!

    nathan posted

  • Well, isn't that neat.

    Bre'anna posted

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I can barely type I'm laughing so hard.

    amy posted

  • sweet despite the fact that youll probably never make a full movie of it haha

    anton posted

  • God, I really hope not. I think 1:12 is about all I can handle.

    cedric posted

  • Way to represent the Iowans who just want to dance.... is that really too much to ask?! And, why wouldn't that be a great movie? I would think every major movie producer would be salivating to get their hands on it.. (or...) :-) lol... good work. tool.

    Paige posted

  • wow, my grandmother dances better than you guys :P

    karcsi posted

  • that was weird

    dad posted

  • That is some good stuff.

    Ludin posted

  • fags fags fags fags fags fags!!!!!!!

    your gay posted

  • thank you "my gay"

    derek posted

  • You guys suck at dancing

    nick posted

  • you look like bam margera.

    dylan walker posted

  • listion here bitch how dare you try to steel my look.If i ever find you i will shove a pole up your ass!

    Bam margera posted

  • u shudnt b laughing when he got u cornered and shakes ur body :D

    Branitasandhini posted