Saint Louis Demo


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In September 2003 the Soap team setup a Soap Shoes demo in Saint Louis at Washington University. It features: Derek Brooks, Oliver Reed, Chris Komsthoeft, Alexei Tajzler, Zach Larson, Aaron Taraboletti, Jordan Muck and his buddies, Kevin Switzer, and many others. Check it out.

This video was shot and contains music by System of a Down.


  • Yo the Soap team is sick. If we want to send in demo tapes, where do we send em? Yo, sick video guys!

    Dylan Antonacci posted

  • you guys kick ass

    Wish there were some of those kind of rails around here.

    Bruno posted

  • hey this is cool! i love you guys

    Jess Ghoens posted

  • Broox u rock. I'm a newby Soaper, and u are an insperation to us all.

    Trevor posted


    Olaf posted


    derek posted

  • yerrr send me some shoes dude seriously plzz haha

    karcsi posted