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Oh Yeah. So, we had a Halloween Party last weekend, which marked the biggest party held in my house to date - 40 people. I didn't realize how much fun that costume parties can be. It sort of makes an automatic ice breaker and then everyone ends up hanging out with everyone. I loved it. Check out my pics, Nicole's Pics, Zach's Pics.

And to continue the radness, Des Moines Alive got invited to the Friends and Family pre-opening party for Cabaret Night Club. We're also getting invites for the VIP party. I'm pretty excited. We have some good plans to make the site much better... Not to mention the new Mobile site that we just launched. We're totally going to rock it.

This weekend will be pretty ridiculous as well. Ninja turned 2 yesterday, so we're having a dog b-day party, hahaha. wtf. There will be like 15 dongs running around my house.

...I'm not even going to fix that typo.
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  • Make sure your guests keep their bitches in line.

    ricky posted

  • WTF is that? A guy can't use another form of female dog? How dare you chain my digital voice. I will now cry myself to sleep.

    ricky posted

  • i know i'm bringing a little bitch to that party

    nick posted

  • I wish I could come, but my parents won't pay for the doggie plane ticket. Tell Ninja Happy Bday though! Your cousin, Ninja

    Cowboy Emmitt posted

  • I accidentally pushed enter before I finished, but you get the picture. Love, Cowboy

    Cowboy Emmitt posted