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As if I even have to say it... Dog parties are stupid. Kari had this brilliant idea to have a dog party at our house for Ninja's 2nd birthday. I originally didn't like it for a few reasons, one being that it ties us a lot closer to being parents than I'm really comfortable with. But also, wtf? However I agreed to it for both of those same reasons. One, I like having a dong in place of a kid. and B, I thought it'd be pretty hilarious.

I dunno, once it started, I wasn't quite feeling it. Kari decorated our house for a dog party, which felt way lame on an over-the-top level. All the girl dogs fought and nearly killed a couple smaller dogs. And I got peed on - which actually was a highlight, haha. Pics.

Aside from that the weekend was decent. Jeff showed us some neat souvenirs he got from the other side of the world. We had sushi, made beer, etc. Plus I modded my nerf gun a bit, heh.

Yesterday I got a bit excited to redo our guest bedroom and begin to actually decorate/furnish parts of our house. Hopefully I go through with that. I want to build some easy/inexpensive furniture and art. Like a couple nice standing mirrors, some little shelves, and a couple wall hangings, etc. I always overlook little things like this and focus on big projects...
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  • [14:50] zlarson: One, I like having a dong in place of a kid.

    [14:55] broox: haha

    [14:55] broox: again

    [14:55] broox: i didnt even catch that one

    second freudian slip in a row? not even.

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  • do you need help with painting the guest room? I can come over and help and it won't take very long.

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