My Bachelor Party Weekend posted

Omg, this weekend was totally crazy - I loved it. I wonder how long I would live if all my friends lived closeby...

Anyway, Friday, Rich, Sean, Jeff, and Josh came into town for my bachelor party. We all headed up to Rico's to grill out, etc. They made an awesome meal for all 16 of us (it was a great base for the night we had - it definitely worked). We played monster golf, bocce, poker, etc. The rest of the night was absolutely crazy, here it is in list format... The bus picked us up, we went to the Cab, Lift, Royal Mile, Red Monk, Aura, Third Base, Cabaret, etc.

The night included: running, dancing, punching contests, slapping contests, running over minivans, getting interviewed by some TV station, playing with the cameraman's headphones, punching nuts, kanchoing, signing money, inviting dudes onto our bus, kicking dudes off our bus, drinking out of hoses, etc... I'm sure I forgot about a thousand things but it was pure insanity. Everything got broken throughout the night including ankles, thumbs, balls, faces, and about $1000 in cameras.

Saturday it continued for Josh, Jeff, Nathan, Chuck, and I. Here it is again in list form... yard saling, "top o the mornin to ya!," driving 110mph on the interstate, driving 25mph on the interstate, terrible driving in general, Rock Bottom, LED football, Cabaret, Drink, Crush, Cabaret, Drink, Crush, Drink, Crush, Ebenezer Frog's, pool, dancing, taking off clothes, singing, girls, screaming, a fight, cards, potion, Ween, a social obligation, bed at 5am.

The weekend was seriously seriously insane. I loved every second of it. If I only had unlimited money... and replacement organs. Thanks to everyone that made it out and made it awesome. Especially thanks to Rico for hosting the pre-party. Can yall think of other things to add to the list?



  • "Mr. President, can you hear me?" That was said to the camera guy doing the interview downtown. I also got kicked out of Drink! The Original Fun Bar. That ad is full of crap, I didn't have any fun after I got kicked out.

    nathan posted

  • TWO AT ONCE! What a great weekend.

    Jeff posted

  • Just added 11 more pictures from Friday night... thanks, MH.

    derek posted

  • I broke my liver on Friday night.

    r00 posted

  • Derek broke my Sallybags on Friday and then apparently The Entertainer's sister didn't like me either.

    nathan posted

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