Turbo's Bachelor Party Weekend posted

So, Aaron's bachelor weekend was insane and there were only 10 of us. I can't even imagine what's going to happen with 20 of us. Here's the weekend breakdown...

Thursday, I went with Kevi to get another tattoo. I temporarily talked him out of that stick figure guy, whew.

Friday Kari's dad came over, we bottled our beer, then Turbo and Zach came over and we went out. Kevi threw a big tantrum because he came to my house and I wasn't there. It ruled. Then we went searching for him downtown and he cheered up a bit.

Saturday was the official bachelor party. We rode pocket bikes, sipped good scotch, smoked cigars, grilled, hung out, soaped, played pool, etc. There is this tradition in Turbo's family where he has to drink a bottle of Monte Alban Mezcal - worm and all. Luckily he's allowed to share. We even found a praying mantis, which turbo ripped the head off of and ate, wtf. Haha.

Later we surprised him with a limo, which ruled. We went to a lot of places, Cab, High Life Lounge, Royal Mile, The Lift, Red Monk, Drink, etc. Zach got all mean for some reason and fought with everyone (note: Zach and Mezcal don't mix). Besides that, the night was awesome. Actually the whole weekend was.

More pics.


  • oh yeah no more tequilla for me ever again.

    zach posted

  • Thanks guys that was by far one of the best weekends of my life and I will never forget it. once again thanks soo much to everyone who came.

    Turbo posted

  • Awesome! Wish I could have been there but school calls. I miss you guys. See ya at the wedding

    Jordan posted

  • Had a blast this weekend Thanks for having me

    Keith posted

  • I had a great time too, plus Turbo gave me a new knob! Looking forward to this Friday as well.

    r00 posted

  • I still can't believe your girlfriend's glasses made it home....

    Randall posted

  • Is that tattoo the Wraith? I can't make out anything but a head and horns. Let's see the tat Kevi.

    ben posted