12" DeWalt Chainsaw Case

  • The Plano 781 toolbox is the perfect size for the DeWalt 12" chainsaw
  • Just need to cut a slot for the bar
  • Position for the slot to cut for the bar
  • DeWalt Chainsaw in the Plano case. Lid closes when the chain brake pushed forward. Perfect fit.
  • Cut out some scrap 1/2" plywood to secure the saw and accessories.
  • Chainsaw, Bar Oil, Spare battery, and gloves securely stored. Well balanced with enough room to t...
  • Perfect little chainsaw box
  • Just a Little poke out

A few photos of the chainsaw case that I made for my DeWalt 12" electric chainsaw (model: DCCS-620). I used the Plano 22" toolbox (model 781-002), which I picked up from Menards, and added some scrap plywood to keep everything in place and store some extra bar oil, batteries, gloves, and even a charger if I need.

Photos taken in August, 2023 in Des Moines, Iowa

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