2 Door Bronco Seat Delete + Platform

  • Seats out. Next: remove the seatbelts and build a flat floor platform
  • Scribing the back of the Bronco
  • Bronco platform template cut out
  • Like a glove 2 comments
  • Got a roll of 1/4" rubber to use as a truck bed in the Bronco. Scribed and cut.
  • Storage hatch + front supports built. Ready for paint.
  • Oh yeah!
  • Really happy with this fit
  • Storage hatch
  • Front support
  • Primed, sanded, and ready for bedliner
  • I decided to spray everything with bedliner to give it a bit of texture and weather resistance
  • First time spraying bedliner. Got a bit of tiger striping on this big piece, but I think it'll se...
  • Bedlined hatch door
  • Bronco Platform: installed
  • Raptor Lined Bronco platform installed
  • Hatch
  • Front support
  • Durby approved
  • Rubber mat in
  • Like a glove

I never used the rear seats in my Jeep, so I decided to rip em out of the Bronco as well. It's a little bit trickier to remove them in the bronco, and the floor isn't nearly as nice as it is in the Jeep with the seats removed, so I also built a flat platform / bed to make it a bit nicer for hauling things... but it's mostly for the dog

Photos taken from June to August, 2023 in Des Moines, Iowa

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