Clyde's on the Farm

  • some cauliflower n fish n stuff
  • Cheese puff girls
  • Flowers
  • The dinner spot
  • Snacks!
  • Jeff got his hands on some Blonde Fatale. Bummer that Peace Tree is closing, this is such a good ...
  • Enjoying some Blonde Fatales
  • Gettin the Grade A Gardens Spiel
  • Kari and her parents
  • Kari and her dad
  • Jordan and his babe
  • The menu
  • It was pretty hot sitting in this sun
  • Some dudes waitin foods
  • Yellowtail Crudo
  • Chris talks about the food
  • Chris and Diego chatting about the dinner
  • Farm Salad
  • Pork Shoulder Al Pastor
  • Pita!
  • Talkin about the next dish
  • Dark Chocolate Beet Cake
  • Tom talks about the dessert
  • Music on the farm
  • One eyed good boy
  • Tom takes the tractor for a spin
  • Farmer Diego
  • Family on the Farm
  • Leavin another great meal at Grade A Gardens

Grade A Gardens hosted another dinner, put on by our favorite chefs at Clyde's Fine Diner

Photos taken in June, 2024 in Earlham, Iowa

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