Courtside at the Iowa Wolves

  • NBA Courtside Conduct Advisory
  • This was right before I got hit in the face with a ball
  • Ben McDougal
  • The Jump
  • Lance Stephenson
  • Sittin courtside
  • The Capital City Go Go coach was an intense dude
  • Foul stuff
  • Hangin with the hype man
  • Spotted
  • Just having a good time on this court
  • Game ball
  • Butler Jr
  • Great view
  • Jumpshot
  • Just over here sittin next to this basketball team
  • Nerdin out on the court
  • Ben got a towel, hah
  • Shot
  • So what you're gonna do is, box out.
  • Gabe Kalscheur (former iowa state dude)
  • Huge nerd acts like nerd on basketball court
  • It was apparently country music night and there was a mini concert after the game
  • George Birge
  • Post game pong
  • Ben and his game towel

My friend, Ben scored some courtside tickets to the Iowa Wolves game and invited me to join. Courtside basketball is wild and super fast. I got hit in the face with a ball... and yelled at by an assistant coach for walking where I wasn't supposed to, lol.

Photos taken in January, 2024 in Des Moines, Iowa

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