Dew Tour: Des Moines

  • Look at this big ol skateboard
  • spinny grabby over the hip
  • Dew Tour at the Des Moines Skatepark
  • Watchin some pro skaters
  • Flippy over the hippy
  • Indy boy
  • Spinny Judo boy
  • Goin for the fingerflip flaily boy
  • Des Moines Dew Tour
  • Lauridsen skatepark for the Dew Tour
  • The Isiserettes make an appearance
  • Here we are. On a cookie
  • Dew Tour Des Moines
  • Dewsks n stuff
  • Back for the finals
  • Young Rayssa Leal was so fun to watch
  • Leticia Bufoni
  • Pamela Rosa is such a badass

Des Moines just finished building the biggest skatepark in the country and then hosted the Dew Tour as one of the few post-covid Olympic qualifiers. We got tickets and it was awesome.

Photos taken in May, 2021 in Des Moines, Iowa

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