Holiday Charcuterie Party

  • Kari made a Christmas tree of Charcuterie
  • Puttin some finishing touches on that tree
  • Kari is a ridiculous person
  • Pouring some champagne for the guests
  • Nick and Nicole brought picked things!
  • Sandie brought a ridiculous pickle board
  • Tia brought a southeast asian board
  • Trent and Maurizio arrive with their PB&J charcuteries
  • Mason gives us a taste of his homemade wine
  • So much charcuteries!
  • Cullen and Alissa brought a mini hotdog charcuterie board
  • Pickled stuff!
  • Southeast Asian Charcuteries
  • PB&J charcuteries
  • Home smoked salmon and pickles
  • Hangin with Emily 1 comment
  • Maurizio is good at foosball
  • Charcooch
  • Nicole is jelly of the dog pettin
  • Durby was really enjoying this party
  • Holiday girls 1 comment
  • Durby would like to be in the photo
  • Turned this party into a club with some lil jon Christmas

We had a few couples over for a little holiday dinner and asked everyone to bring non-traditional charcuterie boards. It was very fun.

Photos taken in December, 2023 in Des Moines, Iowa

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