Pizza with Trent and Maurizio

  • Dough and sauce prep day
  • Metric to imperial conversions
  • Makin the pizza sauce!
  • Spectators
  • We didn't quite get the rise or density that we'd hoped for... but we'll make it work
  • Pizza number 1
  • Ready to throw in the first pizza
  • Checking out the Kettlepizza in action
  • Pullin pizzas
  • Makin pizzas
  • Cookin up pizzas
  • Oh yeah.
  • Homemade pizzas!

Trent's partner, Maurizio is an Italian immigrant and wanted to show us how to make some pizza. The sauce, ingredients, and Kettlepizza were A+... The dough was a B-. It tasted good, but I think we messed up a conversion or had some bad yeast cause we didn't quite get the rise or gluten that we were after.

Photos taken in March, 2024 in Des Moines, Iowa

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