Shotgun Chicago Bulls game with Harper!

  • Chicago bound!
  • Foggy. Messy. Merica.
  • Good stuff. Trucks bring it.
  • Got a little ice build up on the lights and bumper here...
  • Lake
  • Instax
  • Trying out the square crop mode on my sony, heh
  • Leica'd
  • Mask bois!
  • Harper has some pretty good seats
  • Yung Derek would be so stoked for old Derek right now
  • Benny is about to throw some popcorn all over everyone sitting next to Terrell Owens
  • Popcorn party
  • Bulls
  • Bucket Boys
  • Omakase from Arami
  • Sushis!
  • Hangin with Lulu
  • Yung Phil Collins
  • Gonna be a little longer than 2 days for this delivery...
  • Apparently got a bit of snow at home.

Harper invited me to a Bulls game a while back. Then a covid surge happened. Then a snow storm rolled in... but I decided to make the trip at the last minute and spent a night kicking it with Harper, Hiromi, and fam. It was quick, but awesome.

Photos taken in January, 2022 in Illinois and Iowa

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