Weekend in Medinah

  • Elizabeth got some Hebru Brantley Fly Kids!
  • Cousins
  • Bout to lift/level this Bronco
  • The threads on my lower control arm bolts were totally screwed from the factory on one side.
  • Where we're going, we don't need roads
  • Spring compressing
  • Broncbuster Leveling Perch Collars. 1.5" in the front, and 1" in the rear.
  • Lower Control Arm undone
  • Elizabeth's Cake
  • Lifted and Leveled
  • Much less rake
  • Cutting up hot dogs and tomatoes
  • Celebrating Steph's birthday
  • Marty scans the back yard
  • Old Man Marty
  • Preppin Arepa stuffs
  • Cookin up some plantains
  • Preppin Avocados
  • Manuel is having a great time making this Arepa patties
  • Manuel showing us how it's done
  • Arepa stuffs. That hot dog concoction was so so good.
  • Makin Arepas
  • Arepa Time
  • Arepa stuff
  • Family stuffs
  • Harlow
  • Manuel pushes more Arepas on us, haha
  • Preppin for a group photo
  • Reynolds cousin stuffs
  • Birthday girl
  • Steph
  • Emperor Marty

Kari and I drove to Medinah to hang with her cousins. Jon and I lifted and leveled my Bronco, we made Arepas, and celebrated Steph's birthday. It was a great time.

Photos taken in March, 2024 in Itasca, Illinois

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