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  • 1403 - Our first house
  • 1403 - Built that shed. Planted those trees.
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  • 1403 - The kitchen cabinet beer bottle collection comes down.

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Leaving Southeast Rio Drive

Seriously, who in the hell puts an offer on a house when they're 22 years old? ... and then stays in that house for the next 11-12 years? Me, apparently. It was a house on Southeast Rio Drive in Suburban, Ankeny, Iowa, that... read more

House Warming Party, ICP, and the Ring

So this weekend was awesome. Rich, Ben, Kevi, Lindsey, and Steph all came up to stay with us. We had a house warming party Friday night, which was really fun. We had about 30 people show up and almost everyone brought beer, wine, or alcohol... so my refrigerator is insane... read more
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