House Warming Party, ICP, and the Ring posted

So this weekend was awesome. Rich, Ben, Kevi, Lindsey, and Steph all came up to stay with us. We had a house warming party Friday night, which was really fun. We had about 30 people show up and almost everyone brought beer, wine, or alcohol... so my refrigerator is insane. There was a lot of hanging out, playing cards, playing ping pong, soaping, heeling, smoking cigars, etc. Thanks to everyone that came out and for the gifts, Kari and I had a blast.

Saturday, Ben, Rich, Kevi, and I went to ICP. What an awesome show. Esham did pretty much all old school stuff, it was a really tight, but short set... ABK also had a really good set, Mack 10 was awesome, and ICP did a great great show. All good stuff. Their set was pretty cool too; looked like a giant cavern with flames, etc. So this was the last joker's card concert ever. I'm sad. I wonder what they'll do next. They haven't even talked about it. They better have some good plan. I want to go to more shows! But if they don't... what other artist can keep putting stuff out for 12 years like they did. Ben said last night, where do you think Eminem will be in 12 years? His stuff is starting to slip already. Anyway, awesome show, I want more.

After the show we met the girls, Nick, and Nicole at Aura where I couldn't get in because I had a Jersey and hat on. So I had to go in with my white medium T. Lamest rule ever. But I had an alright time. Now I've got to clean like you wouldn't believe. More pics from the weekend.

Oh yeah, also, I bought Kari a ring and gave it to her this weekend. We're totally going steady.
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  • I think it's so cute that you guys are "going steady!" But of course I want to see a pic of the ring! Congratulations to you both!

    Tia posted

  • I <3 ICP!

    It was a great weekend. Congrats on going steady.... finally.

    I have 2 cats.

    Kevi posted

  • Great party. Congrats.

    I need to tan.

    Nicole, white as a ghost posted

  • i'm totally buying and

    nick posted

  • Congrats!!! I can't wait!!

    its about time...;)

    Much Love to both of you

    Shannon posted

  • Dude...we make a furniture item together and you don't tell me these owe me huggles. Seriously, many congrats! Most awsome house too! I'm sure Kevi will want to live in the basement...with his cats..

    Rico posted

  • Congrats..but it sux that I lost the office pool though, I had money on Nick and Nicole getting hitched first :( Awesome party too, Karisa was hung-over so bad, plus she hurt her leg playing Ping Pong...hahah

    r00 posted

  • yo, we're not getting hitched yet, i still could win. i told kari she has to wait until i get more mature.

    also, playing ping pong with karisa was pretty funny, haha.

    derek posted

  • and i'm pretty sure that you'll be more mature once nick and nicole get married

    Kevi posted

  • i'm pretty sure we don't have a cat named after, i'm less mature than kevi i guess

    nick posted

  • hey kari and derek! congrats! i am so happy for both of you and kari if you ever come back home to marion, call me! i want to see your beautiful ring and be jealous!

    jamie from marion:) posted

  • I can't believe you forgot about me slapping you across the face and then breaking that Martini glass. Also, how about $54+$67=$1? Great show, great weekend, and as always, the hospitality is much appreciated.

    Ben posted

  • oh i didn't forget, that was awesome.

    and it's not like you just broke the martini glass, you chopped it in half on the follow through after slapping my face, haha.

    derek posted