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Leaving Pioneer

It seems like just a few months ago - my last block at Cornell College - when I'd drive out of town via 8th Avenue and park in a cornfield entrance at the top of the hill. This is where I always went to get away from the loud dorm I lived in to make important phone calls. This time I was making my call to Marv Hardisty - checking on the job I interviewed for a few weeks prior. It was an interesting call - first he asked me about, one of my huge Soap Shoe web sites that I let get away. He asked me if I ran it and if I was aware that it was now a pornography site... read more
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Nick is 26

So the week of watching my cousins is finally over. I've learned that I will not be ready for kids in a long long time. I think I'll just stick with pets. At least the only thing that got broken was my basement handrail. Saturday we had a party for Nick at my house where we tied lots of knots, played poker, hung out, etc... read more
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Des Moines duo who coded for Obama 2012 pursue own startups

At Big Omaha in May 2011, Derek Brooks (left) and Nick Leeper discussed working for Barack Obama's re-election campaign. They both took jobs with the campaign later that year. Des Moines software developer Derek Brooks never thought he would find himself working on a political campaign. A registered independent voter, he was never very interested in politics. But over the past year, Brooks, along with fellow Iowan and friend Nick Leeper, was employed by President Barack Obama's re-election campaign in Chicago... read more

Iowans put their tech skills to work for Obama

Derek Brooks and Nick Leeper spent long hours writing code for donation and voter websites. Nick Leeper, left, and Derek Brooks, both software engineers in their early 30s, left good jobs in Des Moines to move to Chicago and work for the Obama campaign. They built software to track voters that helped secure Obama's victory. Photo by Christopher Gannon of The Des Moines Register Derek Brooks of Ankeny was just one of 10,000 in the crowd last fall when the president urged Iowans to register to vote. "This is," President Barack Obama said at a rally at Living History Farms on Sept... read more
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