Our Wedding


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A short highlight video from the wedding of Derek Brooks and Kari Reynolds - October 22, 2005.

This video was shot and contains music by Matthew Terronez - Somewhere of the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World, Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc, Freestyle - But It's Alright.


  • Love it! You guys should do it again :)

    Nicole posted

  • Awesome night! So did Derek chase you all over Ireland the same way he did the honeymoon?

    Rico posted

  • can't believe how well your uncle sings

    dicksdad posted

  • He's a pretty talented dude.

    derek posted

  • Nice Job Derek, thanks for emailing it. A hard copy would be nice as well ;) (hint hint)

    mom posted

  • Thanks for sending this to me Derek, it is GREAT & seems like just yeterday! A Hard copy would be awesome to add to my collection of famiy CD's (Hint Hint!) Love, Mom

    Mom posted