Vic's Ears and Reynolds Anniversary Party posted

So last weekend, we hosted a 30th Anniversary party for Jeff and Teresa. It was quite ridiculous - lots of people, barely enough food, and lots of drinks.

Saturday morning, Jeff, Vic, and I went to 5 point studios to get Victor's ears pierced. He's been wanting to 0-00 gauge plugs, however he has never had his ears pierced. So we talked to Leo at 5 point to find out he could very easily pierce them to 2 gauge with a needle/taper, or use a scalpel to go up to 00. Vic opted for the needle. It was pretty insane. It took me years to get from normal piercings up to 2 gauge - Vic had it done in a matter of minutes. They pierced him with a 4 gauge hollow needle and then stretched it to 2 gauge with a taper. Pretty awesome. He said the taper hurt the most.

Later that day we were hosting Jeff and Teresa's 30th anniversary party. Which was the first major dinner party that we've ever hosted. So after getting pierced up, Kari, Vic, and I went on a shopping spree for food. I was supposed to cook for 15-20 people, which ended up being about 25 - but it worked out quite nicely. We grilled lots of potatoes and giant pork loins (thanks to some pointers from Doug). It was my first massive slow cooking experience so I was a bit worried that we'd have to make an emergency pizza run, but it turned out. I was happy.

The party was also nice - pretty laid back, homebrew, good food, etc. Most of Kari's family had never been to our house, which was funny. Apparently they all had this impression that I was some crazy party kid, and not much else beyond that, haha. I guess they are sorta right. They were pretty surprised that we had a nice house and I could build things, heh. But most importantly, we got to break in the bar this weekend, ha, it was good. Congrats again to Jeff and Teresa on 30 years.

Here are photos of both the piercings and party.

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