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  • Turbo Hates Women, Jordan Hates Late Dinner posted - 2 comments

    Last weekend my buddy Turbo had a "He-Man Woman Hater" party. When he first told me about it I was like, "huh... cool name, Aaron." I figured he'd made it up, but it turns out it's a real club from The Little Rascals. The He-Man Woman Haters Club was... wait for it... read more

  • Belated Halloween Party posted - 2 comments

    As most of you know, Kari and I hosted a Halloween Party this weekend... and if you didn't come - you're lame. We had a little over half of the turnout that we had last year... but it was still a good time. Most of our out-of-towners didn't make it this time, however Tara came down from Mpls and Jake and Ania came from Illinois... read more

  • The Bar is Done posted - 4 comments

    And we broke it in. That's right, 6 months later and I finally finished the the basement bar project. There are still a couple accessories to add: lighting, stemware rack, stools, and a shoe rail. But finally the bar's in a completely usable state and I can forget about it for a minute. before after The party went pretty well... read more

  • Vic's Ears and Reynolds Anniversary Party posted

    So last weekend, we hosted a 30th Anniversary party for Jeff and Teresa. It was quite ridiculous - lots of people, barely enough food, and lots of drinks. Saturday morning, Jeff, Vic, and I went to 5 point studios to get Victor's ears pierced. He's been wanting to 0-00 gauge plugs, however he has never had his ears pierced. So we talked to Leo at 5 point to find out he could very easily pierce them to 2 gauge with a needle/taper, or use a scalpel to go up to 00... read more

  • Steph, Lindsey, Hockey, Skating, and Broomball posted

    Holy Freaking Weekend. Steph finally came to visit, which was awesome. We haven't seen her in over a year, wtf. Lindsey also stopped out for a minute or two, which was good while it lasted. So, Friday was "girls night" or whatever... read more

  • Nanners, Cabaret, and Broomball posted - 5 comments

    We scored our first point in broomball last night! haha. We're still 0 and 2, but we managed to score a point and defend one more than last time, bringing the final score to 1-13. Most of our team has official broomball shoes now, which make a ridiculous difference. Basically broomball shoes are moon shoes with some super foam on the bottom that squishes/springs nicely when you run... read more

  • The Broomball Vasectomy Parties posted - 8 comments

    I got to hang out with a lot of different people this weekend, which always rules. Friday we met up Tia and folks at Taki to celebrate her birthday before heading to the Loft to act like idiots. It was a good time and really nice to see those peeps. Pics. Saturday I finished up the guest bedroom, edited a short vid for the 2030 Society, and then went out for Kari's Colfax Christmas party... read more

  • Oh Yeah, It's 2007 posted - 4 comments

    I was just walking through the hall and someone asked how my nye was, which reminded me to blog. So in a nutshell, New Years was pretty blah this year. There was no plan, no party, and no going out really. It was quite different from my last couple NYEs spent in Chicago. The weekend was good though... read more

  • Columbian Hos and Family posted

    Last weekend was quite fun and completely random. This week will probably be the same. It basically started when Kari decided to end her night at 8:30pm Friday, which left me quite bored. So a couple calls later, Cedric, Nathan and I somehow wound up in Ames. I've never partied in Ames before, it's quite different... read more

  • Sushi, Dogs, and Beer posted - 2 comments

    As if I even have to say it... Dog parties are stupid. Kari had this brilliant idea to have a dog party at our house for Ninja's 2nd birthday. I originally didn't like it for a few reasons, one being that it ties us a lot closer to being parents than I'm really comfortable with. But also, wtf? read more

  • Halloween Dogs Alive posted - 5 comments

    Oh Yeah. So, we had a Halloween Party last weekend, which marked the biggest party held in my house to date - 40 people. I didn't realize how much fun that costume parties can be. It sort of makes an automatic ice breaker and then everyone ends up hanging out with everyone. I loved it... read more

  • Memorial Day Insanity Again posted

    What is it about Memorial Day that is always insane? Last year it was Mt Vernon and Chicago, this year it is Des Moines, Dubuque, and Iowa City. Thursday before Memorial Day, Rico talked me into hanging out with him and the British kids that are staying at his house right now. It was a really good time, we all hung out, then went out. They are cool guys... read more

  • The Zachelor posted - 4 comments

    So this weekend was Zach's bachelor weekend. Turbo, Rick, and Jake came up, we partied a lot, etc. It was a pretty crazy/good time. Rick pulled into the driveway Friday and barely said "hi" before he started pulling Coronas, chips, and salsa out of the trunk for Cinco de Mayo, haha. The rest of the night was fairly laid back - hanging out, rock bottom, etc... read more

  • St Patrick's Mustache Party posted - 8 comments

    Oh man, the mustache party was really fun... really ridiculous, but definitely fun. We had 35-40 people over and 3 - 5gallon kegs of Rock Bottom beer, which didn't quite get finished, but we got close. There's not really a lot to tell, but you can see most of the story through the photos. As for the winners... read more

  • Bookshelves and Mustaches posted - 3 comments

    Man, this weekend was super nice. Finally I got to put a couple of my best Christmas gifts to good use - the compound miter saw from Jeff, and a couple hundred in Menards gift cards from my parents. Rico came over Thursday night we cut up the wall, wired in a switch, and did some planning. Then Friday we turned my garage into a shop and built the first section. Saturday the 2nd section, and Sunday we had everything boxed in... read more

  • Hip Hop, Punk, Arnold, and a Party posted - 7 comments

    This week was a pretty good one. Monday I went to the Brother Ali/Swollen Members/Gaiden show at Vaudeville Mews. It was awesome. Swollen Members are really hype and Brother Ali is really good. Wednesday, Kari and I went to a Cornell alumni thing at Mondo's in Des Moines... read more

  • My Bachelor Party Weekend posted - 6 comments

    Omg, this weekend was totally crazy - I loved it. I wonder how long I would live if all my friends lived closeby... Anyway, Friday, Rich, Sean, Jeff, and Josh came into town for my bachelor party. We all headed up to Rico's to grill out, etc. They made an awesome meal for all 16 of us (it was a great base for the night we had - it definitely worked)... read more

  • Turbo's Bachelor Party Weekend posted - 7 comments

    So, Aaron's bachelor weekend was insane and there were only 10 of us. I can't even imagine what's going to happen with 20 of us. Here's the weekend breakdown... Thursday, I went with Kevi to get another tattoo. I temporarily talked him out of that stick figure guy, whew... read more

  • labor Day Weekend posted - 4 comments

    Man, what a weekend. Friday, the Coffins had a couples shower for Kari and I - a "stock your bar" party. Everything was a ton of fun. We had martinis, hung out, boxed, played a game, etc. Thanks to everyone that was there, especially the Coffins... read more

  • 4th of July and Steph's Fiesta posted - 2 comments

    Thursday my parents stopped by on their way to take bre'anna to texas. We hung out a bit, took the pocket bike for a spin, etc. Then friday we drove to cedar rapids, stayed with karis parents, and then finished the trip to Steph's graduation party Saturday. The Froelichs always put on a good party, this time they had a Mexican theme with a margarita machine, a mariachi band, a pinata, lots of great Mexican food (including mexican sushi rolls, heh). It was nice to see some people from college also... read more

  • Joshie, Kevi, Nikki, and Zatch posted - 2 comments

    omg. I'm so busy, it's retarded. Like, it is seriously bringing me down like mad... and now that all my friends are moving here/visiting, it makes it even harder. For the next 3 weeks I'm not hanging out with anyone, haha... read more

  • Nick is 26 posted - 5 comments

    So the week of watching my cousins is finally over. I've learned that I will not be ready for kids in a long long time. I think I'll just stick with pets. At least the only thing that got broken was my basement handrail. Saturday we had a party for Nick at my house where we tied lots of knots, played poker, hung out, etc... read more

  • House Warming Party, ICP, and the Ring posted - 13 comments

    So this weekend was awesome. Rich, Ben, Kevi, Lindsey, and Steph all came up to stay with us. We had a house warming party Friday night, which was really fun. We had about 30 people show up and almost everyone brought beer, wine, or alcohol... so my refrigerator is insane... read more